Misconduct At The Bar; Consultation Response

Gratitude: Many thanks to F for her bravery in stepping up to put her head above the parapet in an effort to prevent anyone else experiencing what she did. Many thanks (as always) to Ishan Kolhatkar for giving up his precious time to proof reading this for free. Many thanks to the journalist who covered […]

Sexual Misconduct; Time’s Up at the Bar

Since October of last year I have been using my Twitter feed to highlight examples of sanctions passed by the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service (BTAS) that are in my view, unacceptably lenient. Through doing so, it soon became clear that my views are shared by others. For those unfamiliar with recent decisions, they include: […]

In Memoriam

The Roll of Honour for those who worked in the Justice System and lost their lives to Covid-19. Jon Jacob, a property Solicitor and partner with London firm Bower Cotton Hamilton, died in March aged 69. He was ‘just a lovely man, brilliant fun and incredibly erudite.’ Barrister Mohammed Shabir Sarwar passed away in hospital […]

Open our Courts

In the last post I talked about flexible operating hours, in this I shall expand upon the points I touched on towards the end of the post; lack of Court time. What does ‘lack of Court’ time mean?  It means that your Criminal Courtrooms in England and Wales are mainly empty and closed, despite there […]

Flexible Operating Hours; a Personal Response

Firstly, a little bit about me.  90% of the time I manage childcare and this job on my own.  I have some assistance for cases, with notice, from my parents who live a few hours away.  This has been affected by the pandemic.  I am certainly not the only one in this position and I […]


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